Venues nationwide

Top End Grocers

Our well-trained promoters are in any of the thousands of TEGs in Southern Africa on any given day, educating, offering samples and selling your products.


Wholesale activations are vital for reaching traders and selling high volumes. Using incentives, we run push-pull campaigns that incentivise traders and equip them with collateral for their stores.


Speciality outlets, focusing on personal care products and treatments, require a more intimate engagement with customers.

Independent Retailer

The majority of people shop at thousands of independent retailers throughout the region making these venues indispensable for some in-store activations.

Forecourts (PFMs)

We specialise in activations at petrol stations nationally engaging motorists and their families inside the convenience stores, outside on the forecourts and even at their cars.


We activate in any mall in South Africa with exciting and innovative setups. Our vibey, energetic promoters are trained to engage, educate and sell product, linking to purchase from nearby retailers.

Venues nationwide

Golf Days

Memorable events with outgoing and engaging promoters. Includes giveaways, fun & games and of course, sampling. Girls and guys for every T and green!


Design, Production of all elements (backdrops, walls, storerooms, carpets, tables, seating etc), Setup, Strike, cash/card payments and Staffing.


Cinema activations allow us to target specific consumers very easily, based on the movie they are going to.


From leaflet and pamphlet drops, to organised events and concerts; promoting at schools is an effective and powerful way to reach future influencers.

Sampling Squads

Group of 4-6 energetic, vibey and outgoing promoters sample product, run competitions and create disruption in public spaces, strip malls and office parks.


December and Easter are most popular for beach promotions. We include activities for the whole family, such as fun walks, runs, competitions and various talent contests.


Activations at any intersection with leaflet drops and promotional giveaways.

Venues nationwide

Shopper Shows

Shopper Shows are specifically designed for the store where they are held. Consumers purchase product in the store and use this as an entry ticket for Spin and Win and other competitions at the show. Fun and Games, singing, dancing and crowd engagement ensure brand exposure and sales.


Excellent for brands that go well in these vibrant township and city centre venues where food is cooked, drinks are tasted and lots of fun and games, competitions and prizes ensure product amplification.


Spazas and small trading stores are not to be overlooked.We run in-store promotions and even small Shopper Shows in Spazas which are the FMCG lifeblood for millions of consumers across the country.

Commuter Zones

With a huge percentage of the workforce using public transport on a daily basis, Taxi Ranks, Bus Ranks and Train Stations are essential venues for sampling, education and competitions.


We have developed a compehensive Stokvel Programme that includes Home Group Meetings, Indabas, Dedicated VIP Events, Wholesaler Open Days, Big Buy Days, Trade Publications, Digital Communications, Elements, Logistics and Management.

Woman's Interest Groups

Special Events targeting the stay-at-home community influencers. Brand Education at the events is key to ensuring loyalty switching. Free meals, drinks, goodie bags, fun and games with lots of prizes and of course singing and dancing make these events unmissable for our women.

Road Shows

Fun and energetic interactions with games and activities. Trailer Rigs with large banners, music, loudhailing and leaflets are essential to drawing crowds to the communities. Spin and Win, prizes and local store participation ensure sales are driven.


Joint Promos

We match two or more complementary brands (e.g. bread and butter) in the same promotion. Typically involves a Primary brand with the other being secondary. This saves costs and is ideal for new product launches.


We handle any creative task from leaflet design to video production, including concept, strategy, copywriting, logo design, leaflet design, POS design and more!

Point Of Sale

We design and handle any Point of Sale elements required In-Store, Outdoor, Events etc. Includes tables, posters, banners, large format and small format printing.


With our partner in installations, Visible Worx, we can offer installations of posters and in-store media. Along with this we can handle electrical installations for speciality signage.


We source and arrange production of all elements for any activation, including clothing, tables, banners, printed matter, novelties, giveaways etc.

Mystery Shopping

Our expert mystery shoppers will analyse and photograph any promoter or brand ambassador, testing them with proven techniques while remaining anonymous. These reports assist in raising the bar for promotions.

Instore Audits

Qualified in-store auditors record a variety of measurements including photos, prices, position on shelf, forward share, expiry dates, stock rotation, POS putups and condition of POS. All recorded digitally for real time reporting.


We have been running competitions for decades using any medium, including SMS, WhatsApp, MMS, USSD, Facebook and other digital techniques.