In Store Activations are our forte. Our Reddex technology allows us to track every aspect of every shift throughout your campaign. Friendly promoters, attractive displays and in depth reports are just some of the benefits of working with Expanding Branding.

Shifts to Date
Venues nationwide

Top End Grocers

Our well-trained promoters are in any of the thousands of TEGs in Southern Africa on any given day, educating, offering samples and selling your products.


Wholesale activations are vital for reaching traders and selling high volumes. Using incentives, we run push-pull campaigns that incentivise traders and equip them with collateral for their stores.


Speciality outlets, focusing on personal care products and treatments, require a more intimate engagement with customers.

Independent Retailer

The majority of people shop at thousands of independent retailers throughout the region making these venues indispensable for some in-store activations.

Forecourts (PFMs)

We specialise in activations at petrol stations nationally engaging motorists and their families inside the convenience stores, outside on the forecourts and even at their cars.


We activate in any mall in South Africa with exciting and innovative setups. Our vibey, energetic promoters are trained to engage, educate and sell product, linking to purchase from nearby retailers.