Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy ensures that all customer and supplier information is kept safe at all times and that we have taken all precautions necessary to protect this information from being used by any unauthorised parties. We continue to upgrade our systems with improved defenses on an ongoing basis. We have managed to hold data without a breach for 20 years and we plan to keep improving security and access control to continue this record.

We gather information about the following types of individuals:

  1. Clients (for communication and billing purposes)
  2. Suppliers (for communication and payment purposes)
  3. Venue Managers (for communication and booking of promotional activities)

The typical data that we gather is:

  1. Name
  2. Company
  3. Position
  4. Email address
  5. Mobile number
  6. Company landline number
  7. Fax number

Our data is never sold or used by any 3rd party for any purposes whatsoever. It is used solely to give effect to ongoing business.