Expanding Branding

The Main Market in South Africa is huge and growing rapidly. It is known by various marketing tags including Mass Market, Emerging Market and now General Trade.


The African Development Bank has reported that a growth of 4.5% in per capita GDP compounded annually through 2015 will result in an increase of more than 35% in consumer spending in Africa.

Nielsen’s Emerging Market Insights research shows that 38% of respondents are motivated to buy a specific product due to promotional activities.


Expanding Branding has geared up to promote its clients brands through meaningful and exciting activations in the General Trade. Many of these are run as part of roadshows throughout South Africa and contribute to the growth and expansion of product acceptance and enduring loyalty.


Expanding Branding

Expanding Branding has built its expertise on Experiential Sampling Activations and now focuses on 4 core pillars: In-Store, Malls, Hit Squads and Roadshows. With a national footprint and capacity for all types of promotions, the company delivers solutions that are designed to yield high exposure and sales returns.  Formerly well known for in-store media, the company has re-invented itself in the experiential sampling and promotions space to tackle the core issues that clients are now seeking. Read more

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