Expanding Branding

We activate in any mall in South Africa with exciting and innovative setups using vibey, energetic and animated promoters that know how to engage consumers and promote the brand. Dwell time on mall stands deliver a powerful experience for users and this is one of the best methods of creating brand engagement with the probability of longer term loyalty. We also set up a link to purchase by placing a promoter in the nearby stores to assist with sales. We can also sell directly from mall stands and perform other engagements such as hairdressing, nail artistry, massages, baby nappy changes and a lot more. Malls require longer booking times especially nearer to the end of year shutdown period.

  • Any mall in South Africa

  • Education is a key

  • Highly trained Brand Ambassadors

  • Hairdressers, nutritionists, masseurs, personal trainers

  • Videos amplify product concepts

  • iPads allow interactivity and competition entry

  • Touch, smell, taste, feel, hear brands on display

  • Average engagement is minutes rather than seconds.    

  • Research shows longer interaction results in brand affinity

  • Link to purchase in nearby retailer to drive sales using tillslips as entry mechanic.