Expanding Branding

An extremely powerful marketing tool to reach the key influencers in townships. We assemble in a community or church hall and have an entertaining, fun day of music, singing, dancing, product promotion and sampling to create a most memorable experience and one which has a major impact on future product purchasing decisions. By tasting, experiencing and hearing the brand values extolled over and over for hours, creates a new level of trust in the product and brand.


•    Groups of stay at home women
•    Up to 500 per group
•    Church halls, community halls, permanent marquees
•    Product amplification by experienced brand ambassadors
•    Big sound, music, fun, games
•    Lots of interaction and involvement
•    3-4 hours of captive audience
•    Food and drinks served for free
•    Sampling stock given to visitors
•    Loudhailing in area to attract women to the events
•    Powerful method of promoting a brand
•    Guaranteed lasting volume increases after activations