Expanding Branding



Stokvel groups generally range in size from 20 to 2000 and while there are many types, the grocery stokvels generally make their bulk purchases towards the end of the year (Nov-Dec) and savings accumulated throughout the year are used to negotiate better prices at participating wholesalers.

Wholesalers hold Stokvel Days where brands are invited to participate and present their products in (usually) a 10 minute window. We have unbelievably energetic, passionate, vibrant and articulate presenters who are in a class of their own when it comes to these events.

Essentially our clients want their brands to be selected by the stokvels when it comes to the big buy days. The process leading up to this is a complex set or engagements and relationship building that starts early in the year and works its way through a number of events and activations leading up to the bulk purchases. Brands that try and muscle in towards the end of the year generally fail to secure the trust that needs to be built up during the year. It is not just about price on the day of the buy. Stokvel managers are generally loyal to the brands that engage and support them through the year and it's these brands that are rewarded with the bulk buys in November and December.

Our strategy is to start the engagement as early as March using the power of influence in the Stokvel Communities. This starts with a series of Home Visits with demonstrations, tastings and pricing discussions. Then we have a series of larger community groups nationally where we present the brands in a educational way to the attendees. Then there are the Stokvel Open Days at Wholesalers where we have highly skilled presenters that entertain and educate the stokvel attendees. We set up Gazebos with sampling and giveaways at these events. Finally we have the Big Buy Days where we have skilled brand ambassadors representing the brand to ensure that the messaging and agreements throughout the year are brought to fulfilment in the purchases at the Wholesalers. We also engage with the Wholesalers to make sure that all parties are aligned (stock levels, pricing etc) so that everything goes smoothly for the buyers.

• Home Influencer Days
• Wholesale Open Days
• Wholesaler Engagement
• Big Buy Days
• Passionate, vibrant presenters
• Gazebo and POS setup
• Sampling Tables with cookups and giveaways
• Engagement with Stokvel leaders