Expanding Branding



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•    Photos of your brand on shelf in the Spaza
•    Photos of the entire category
•    GPS Co-ordinates of each Spaza

Big retailers moving into townships are hurting the Spaza traders and they can do this because of poor product availability in the traders. However, if you knew where your shortcomings were, you can fix this and provide product to the millions of people who WANT to purchase from stores closest to their homes.

The 3 KEY BRAND PERFORMANCE DRIVERS in the Informal Trade are:



If your brand does not tick these boxes, then we have a solution for you: BRAND VIEW.

A Township Store service where we provide you with Realtime feedback on how your brand is looking in Spazas, General Dealers and small superettes. It is likely that you don’t even know about most of these outlets, let alone that they carry your brand.

We provide you with photos and some research detail such as a list of which brands are being carried in each outlet. From this you can make informed decisions on how to grow your presence and penetrate communities in a better way.

We will provide you with a Google Map of where the outlets are and where particular brands are stronger than others. This is the perfect opportunity for you to on-board with us and take advantage of our specialist understanding and history in this market segment.




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See how many of these questions you can answer…..

1.    Does your brand reach deep into the informal South African market?
2.    If so do you have a good idea how your brand is performing in this market?
3.    Do you understand Shopping Habits in the townships?
4.    Do you have any idea what the basket profile is?
5.    Which brands are winning in the informal trade?
6.    Are you engaging with shoppers in this most frequently shopped channel?
7.    Are you comfortable with your current:
a.    Product Visibility
b.    Product availability
c.    Shelf presence in general
d.    Level of sales
e.    Distribution to this level of outlets
f.     Stock rotation and expiry dates


Its hard enough getting real time information from Top End Grocers but at the Spaza level, it’s a lot harder. HOWEVER.... We Can Help.


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We have spent many years developing a Real Time Digital Capture system that has been used with huge success in formal markets. Now we have customised it for the General Trade and our auditors are using the technology in township stores with equal success.

You, the client, get a free website reporting page and can see the photos and research as these are uploaded from each store, in real time. This gives you a clear picture of all brands in the category, allowing you respond quickly if you need to.

We will upload photos of the store so you can see all the brands and in addition, will record which major brands are there. From there we draw maps showing the density of your brand in each particular area. 

This means……You can now Manage what you Measure!!


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This is a relatively new service, introduced in 2017 so we would like to tailor a package for each client based on discussions about the particular interest, hotspot or bottleneck. More importantly, by viewing the outlets you can create new demand.

We are here to ADD VALUE and REDUCE COSTS  - not to add any stress or more workload to your already busy schedule.


We break up townships into areas and will audit a set quantity (e.g. 20) of stores in each area. Then we provide you with maps showing the penetration of each brand by area. We have found this level of detail to be enough for brand managers to task distribution teams on corrective action. 


Once you have our Brand View Audit, we will advise you on what your course of action should be - if anything at all. We are here to assist and guide you based on what we see too. Here are some options:

1.    We can design and print Point of Sale material AND install it – complete with photos etc.
2.    We can run activations using promoters in the bigger outlets, to educate consumers and drive sales.v


Naturally you can use your existing agencies to implement the corrective action - Brand View is an independent service that we run.


Call Mary on 084 880 9000 to get more info or to set a quick meeting to explore further.