Expanding Branding


Joint Promotions are where we match two or more complementary brands from different manufacturers for the same promotion.

Examples are Softdrinks and Popcorn, Bread and Butter, Pasta and a Sauce etc. Typically we will have a Primary Brand with the other being

Secondary. Pricing is adjusted based on the emphasis, the positioning in store (with a single promoter and table we can only be in one place) and the

general mechanic. The Primary Brand will enjoy the location near brand on shelf while we will sample the Secondary Brand and hand

out a coupon to shoppers for both.


•    Cost saving initiative
•    Match complementary brands
•    Primary and Secondary brands
•    Sharing of costs and doubling of reach
•    In-store and out-store activations
•    Roadshows and events
•    Malls and Blitz Squads
•    Coupons and Giveaways
•    Ideal for new product introduction
•    Great for brand boost
•    Seasonal timing
•    Banded Packs