Expanding Branding


We love doing what we do and we believe in our customers. We live to activate with energy and excitement and love delighting everyone that comes into contact with our brands.


Nothing but the highest standard of work is good enough for us and we continually develop methods and technologies to improve performance, output and ultimately Return on Investment for our customers.


Everything we do is moral, ethical, reliable, consistent and beyond reproach. This is our true Character.


Our work is based on system-based fundamentals that drive processes to deliver consistent results.


We understand people – customers, shoppers, consumers, employees, promoters, store owners, merchandisers – every stakeholder that touches an activation. We care.


We learn from everyone no matter how unimportant they may seem and we seek to do so in a manner that encourages the spirit of co-operation.


Every person in our lives has meaning, purpose and relevance. We love to listen, to give credit where its due and too lift people to greater achievements.


Fulfilling commitments and exceeding customer expectations is core to our DNA. Going above and beyond is part of our lives. Nothing is trivial and everything is important.


We strive to achieve excellence through a systematic and logical approach to our work, through systemic interactions with those around us and through unwavering commitment to delivery.


Our world is built by holding hands, sharing, bonding, communicating, being together. That’s our customers’ world too.


We set enormous store on innovation and continually develop new technologies and systems to become more efficient, shorten timescales, save costs, improve management and deliver more value into every activation.


Responsibility is nothing without accountability and our ethos, our systems, our way is all about being able to account for every action.


We embrace a world that doesn’t stand still, a world that is new and fresh every day, a world that puts up challenges all the time and the people around us that always expect something different. We are nimble and responsive.


Expanding Branding

Expanding Branding has built its expertise on Experiential Sampling Activations and now focuses on 4 core pillars: In-Store, Malls, Hit Squads and Roadshows. With a national footprint and capacity for all types of promotions, the company delivers solutions that are designed to yield high exposure and sales returns.  Formerly well known for in-store media, the company has re-invented itself in the experiential sampling and promotions space to tackle the core issues that clients are now seeking. Read more

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